What’s Possible

Adapt2 Anything.

Adapt2 is the premier provider of software solutions for market participants in the energy industry.  Enabled by the latest and current software technologies, Adapt2’s platform and our solutions span all parts of the energy organization from Front Office to Back Office and from Plants/Assets to IT departments.

For Front Office

Our Front Office solutions span all workflows that enable scheduling into markets and performing trades with partners.

For Back Office

Our Back Office solutions span all workflows that enable streamlined validation of market charges and intelligent determination of discrepancies.   

For Technology

Powered with the latest machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and big data technologies, the Adapt2 cloud native platform is the most current cloud environment available in the industry today.  

For Plants/Assets

Adapt2 enables two-way communication to all portfolio assets that empowers the assets to participate and contribute to the overall success of our customers.

“Adapt2 ISO enables quick and easy transparency to the most granular level of ISO settlements. This allows Just Energy to efficiently and effectively use this data to calibrate models and explain results of operations.”

– Seth Zehler, Director of Asset Management

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