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Trading and marketing firms not only require reliable and stable market connectivity but also need speed. The Adapt2 platform enables lightning-fast integration to markets for all financial trades and risk systems to automate workflows for traders.  

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In 2014, Emera Energy selected Adapt2 B2B for front and back office operations in IESO, ISO-NE, and NYISO. In 2016, Emera expanded front office capabilities to include Adapt2’s bid formulation solution, Bid Accelerator. Currently, Emera’s front office uses Adapt2 B2B to submit all bids, offers and schedules. The Adapt2 B2B back office modules are used by Asset Management and Analytics team for settlements and reporting functionality. As Emera incorporates new business, Adapt2’s template model provides rapid expansion by quickly modifying existing templates to support these changes. A fast platform for scheduling functions leads to efficient ISO operations, resulting in more time for analysts to focus on decisions and results

Emera Energy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Emera Inc. (TSX: EMA), headquartered in Nova Scotia, Canada. Emera Energy provides customized third-party marketing, trading and asset management services to customers operating in northeastern North America. Emera Energy currently has over 100 employees in Canada and the USA who are led by an experienced team of industry executives.

Why Adapt2:

Emera Energy needed to replace homegrown tools with a customizable platform that had a consistent look and feel across markets and products. Emera desired a system that could rapidly execute transactions across multiple ISO markets and provide a centralized database for reporting on all market operations. Adapt2 B2B was the solution they were searching for. In six months, Adapt2 and Emera Energy replaced all proprietary tools and implemented front office trading functionality and back office settlements for all three ISOs.

Featured Case Studies

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Founded in 2011 in Stamford, Connecticut Freepoint Commodities is a leading trading organization in multi-ISO markets. The Freepoint team provides physical asset management services and energy management services that includes all bidding and scheduling of power plants, associated fuel management, and ISO settlements for physical assets throughout North America. Sharing many strategic synergies that include creativity, flexibility, and a value-drive work culture, in 2015 Freepoint Commodities chose Adapt2 Solutions to help them gain more transparency into ISO settlement data./

When Freepoint Commodities expanded their operations to include a retail supply subsidiary, Freepoint Energy Solutions, they relied on Adapt2 to help them quickly enter the ERCOT and PJM markets. The Adapt2 B2B platform was implemented at the Freepoint Energy Solutions office in Houston, Texas and has since grown from supporting FTRs and Virtual Trades to handling full front and back office ISO operations.

“The team at Adapt2 are extremely accommodating and responsive. The improvements in the product are a result of customer feedback coupled with Adapt2 anticipating our needs.”

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Trusted Energy Market Solutions Partner.



Adapt2 Solutions is honored to be featured in Entrepreneur 360's Best Companies in America, Inc 5000 fastest-growing Texas-based private companies, AI Breakthrough's Best Solution for Big Data, Business Intelligence Group's AI Excellence Award, and the Financial Times Fastest Growing Companies for 2021. We are proud and committed to continue our journey as a leader in the industry for energy market solutions.


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