For all you Game of Throwns fans we know that winter is coming. Along with this colder season, PJM is going to be making some changes that will greatly impact market participants.


Tomorrow PJM will inform the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission of its intention to implement 5-minute settlements in its real-time energy and ancillary services markets on April 1, 2018 and not February 1, 2018. While the PJM market settlement system changes necessary to support 5-minute settlements are in the final stages of development, the shift in timing is to ensure PJM and the market participants have adequate time to test the new software between PJM and each market participant’s own information platforms and to address any issues prior to implementation.

Additional market trials to support market participant testing will be scheduled over the next few months, and future communications will be provided in advance of the specific operating days and impacted settlement calculations and settlement reports.

The next PJM 5 min. settlements training will be held on January 8th. To register please visit: PJM Tech Change Forum: 5 Minute Settlement Education

PJM has advised participants to reach out to or contact 610-666-8980 for further information.

As always, Adapt2 will be busy testing and ensuring client success through this transition.

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