Alberta Electric System Operator is currently implementing a renewable energy program and is adding a capacity market to their system designs for 2019.

More information on the Renewable Energy Program:
The Renewable Electricity Program (REP) is intended to encourage the development of 5,000 MW of renewable electricity generation capacity connected to the grid between now and 2030.

Ontario’s Independent Electric System Operator is implementing a Market Information Systems Refresh for fall/winter 2017.
The IESO is refreshing the Market Information System (MIS), one of the key systems used to determine dispatch schedules. There will be no change in functionality, and the only impact to market participants will be a change to the Dispatch Advisory Report which is expected to increase the number of critical intervals displayed from five to up to eleven intervals.

The MIS refresh project began in 2015 and is on target with an in-service date expected in Q4 2017. A two-week trial period in the sandbox environment is expected to commence in November to allow testing the retrieval of the new Dispatch Advisory Reports.

For more information visit:
IESO Market Information System Refresh Project

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