Effective January 1, 2021 SPP has implemented RR358 to provide a better mechanism for participants to recover costs by dividing Schedule 1-A charges into three new market related charge types. Market participants, asset owners, transmission customers and owners and shadow settlement vendors are all impacted by this change.

Market participants and their associated asset owners will see new bill determinants on the determinant reports, as well as new charge types in the determinant reports and settlement statements in support of RR358. Market Participants will also see those new charge type amounts flow through to the weekly invoices.

RR358 will result in the removal of the Day-Ahead Virtual Energy Transaction Fee Amount, as well as the addition of three new charge types:

· Transmission Congestion Rights Administrative Service

· Integrated Marketplace Clearing Administrative Service

· Integrated Marketplace Facilitation Administrative Service

Adapt2 Solutions familiarize ourselves with all the above changes and the updated settlements calculations. Through Adapt2 Bid-to-Bill solutions, we have verified that Adapt2 is able to consume the new bill determinants and charge types provided with these changes for shadow settlement calculation and verifications.

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