SPP has an released a member-impacting change.

A Fast-Start Resource (FSR) is a resource with the following submitted offer parameters for a Day-Ahead Market or Real-Time Balancing Market interval:

  1. Start-Up Time offer of ten (10) minutes or less and
  2. Minimum Run-Time offer of sixty (60) minutes or less. Market Storage Resources must also have a Minimum Discharge Time offer of sixty (60) minutes or less to qualify as a Fast-Start Resource. Multi-Configuration Resources must also have a Group Minimum Run Time offer of sixty (60) minutes or less to qualify as a Fast-Start Resource

Fast-Start Resources are not a new resource type that Market Participants will have to register for. Instead, FSRs are determined based on submitted offer parameters.

Included in the Members Release 2.7, the SPP Fast-Start Resource Logic project includes the market and settlement changes to support Fast-Start Resource Logic (RR375, RR420, and RR469), including new logic allowing fast-starting resources to set price below their economic minimum, new bill determinants, and new charge types listed below.

  • New bill determinant: RtDLmp5minPrc 
  • Modified bill determinants: RtDesiredEn5minQty and RtOomeDesiredEn5minQty 
  • Unstructured / Base Settlement Calculations 
  • Base Settlement Calculations include: Day Ahead Market clearing and RUC Market clearing/commitments
  • Out-of-Merit Energy Calculations 

Adapt2 has addressed these changes in a recent release. For more information please reach out to support@adapt2solutions.com

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