As part of SPP’s Western Energy Imbalance Service (WEIS) market expansion the Board of Directors has approved the initial $9.5 million budget and application to join for Basin Electric Power Cooperative, Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, and Western Area Power Administration (WAPA). The current target date for the WEIS launch is February 2021, at which point SPP will centrally dispatch energy from these participants throughout the region every five minutes, enhancing both the reliability and affordability of electricity delivery from utilities to their customers.


The introduction of the WEIS will have several business and technical changes that the Adapt2 team is working with clients and the SPP market to prepare ahead of time. It is expected there will be several new reports, charge types, and operation requirements that are still be discussed within SPP market committees that the Adapt2 Markets Intelligence Team tracks.


Other regional utilities can also apply to join the SPP Western Energy Imbalance Service (WEIS) market initial implementation through October 2019.

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