PJM has retired their legacy MSRS tool. All billing invoices and reports are now available through the refreshed MSRS tool.

PJM has refreshed their MSRS tool to improve browser compatibility and create consistency between MSRS and other PJM Tools both in User Interface (UI) look and feel and browserless interactions.

Although you will not need new access, users should have switched all browserless access points to the refreshed MSRS updated protocols, which include two-factor token based authentication and Command Line Interface (CLI) functionality. Currently PKI use is not required but will be in the near future and the Adapt2 team is working with clients to ensure a seamless transition.

This impact will also allow SUMA users to now be able to change company accounts within the application similarly to other updated PJM tools through a company account dropdown. An ALL company account option will be an available selection for MSRS report downloads from the UI to produce a download file with all company accounts to which the SUMA user has access.

For more commonly asked questions regarding this change please visit PJM’s MSRS Refresh Documentation.


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