As part of the on-going security updates, PJM is set to upgrade their security to comply with FERC order NAESB 3.2 over the next year. PJM will use certificate-based authentication utilizing Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificates to strengthen security to OASIS and ExSchedule tools. PJM is currently in development and is projected to have this available for testing starting Q3, Production date is projected to Q4 2020.


PJM will also update security in all PJM Tools that are part of Single Sign On and have browserless APIs to a Two-Step Verification using username, password and a certificate. PJM is currently in development and projecting to have this available for testing Q3 2020. The update will be in production Q4 2020 as Opt-In, mandatory TBD 2021.


Adapt2 has been tracking these changes through the Technology Forum and Market Implementation Committee at PJM to ensure its clients will be ready for testing and as these changes are applied to PJM production. These are expected to be major impacts to any submit/download that passes through Markets Gateway, Power Meter, FTR Center along with other tools. Adapt2 is prepared and will keep monitoring for any specification release relating to these updates.

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