The PJM Market Settlements Reporting System (MSRS) is “used by market participants to retrieve market settlements reports and monthly billing statements.” To be consistent with other PJM Tools applications, PJM will implement a token-based authentication process for members which will replace the current authentication process. This change provides several benefits to members who access the MSRS: improvement in Internet browser compatibility, consistency in the User Interface UI), minimization of user impact for browser-less report requests, enhancement in report requests, and more.

After this change is implemented in mid-March, MSRS users will have 90 days until their current basic authentication is fully replaced and the old way of accessing the MSRS will no longer work.

There is no additional private certificate required for the refreshed MSRS tool; the only requirement is a valid PJM tool user account. However, users must validate with PJM’s SSO using a valid username and password to receive a token that can be passed as a cookie when making requests to MSRS.

Adapt2 is happy to provide its customers with the latest market change updates and is prepared for this upcoming change.

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