As part of the Cipher Mitigation project, New York ISO (NYISO) no longer supports the TLC security protocol TLS 1.0 and any ciphers using DES, 3DES, or SHA1. Moving forward, as part of Release 4.8.5, Adapt2 has updated client environments in the Adapt2 application to use the security protocol of TLS 1.2 as recommended. To avoid a disruption of service when connecting to NYISO market applications, communication protocols and cipher communications should have been updated.

If your organization is using an up-to-date Internet browser to access market applications, your organization will likely not be impacted by the change. However, if your organization uses any system-to-system interfaces or automated processes, validate these connections which are appropriately configured.

To do this, please confirm:

• All protocol connections should be using TLS 1.1 or higher. Upgrading to TLS 1.2 is recommended.
• All ciphers being used in connections should not include DES, 3DES, or SHA1. (i.e. the following ciphers should no longer be used):

Adapt2 has already ensured customers are prepared for this change to make it as seamless as possible. Please contacct the Adapt2 Solutions Support Desk at or 713-468-3001 for any additional questions.

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