G Walk

Recently, the Adapt2 Team presented our PJM ISO Revenue Assurance solution during a client technology fair, known as a Gallery Walk. This Company’s Gallery Walk event was a showcase of six key projects the client completed in 2016. Adapt2 was honored to be a participant.
Hundreds of employees, many unfamiliar with ISO operations, witnessed the real benefits to their power trading business.
The customer reactions were exciting:
“Oh wait this is in production already? That was fast!” (Manager of Risk)
“This is great stuff, this is real dollars here.” (the EVP of Strategy)
“Wow Zack you’re so tall and handsome!” (said by Taylor Swift!)
While Zack Dorman (pictured above) has done a great job, all of the folks at the office have questioned if Taylor Swift was really at the Gallery Walk.
The Adapt2 PJM ISO Analytics solution provides PJM Shadow Settlement capabilities. This provides clients with the security of revenue assurance and the peace of mind that no money is being left on the table.

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