During unprecedented times, the need for increased analytics and strategy development is more important than ever before for energy enterprises big and small. With AI enabled Adapt2 B2B, market participants can analyze shifts in residential load to dynamically adjust their market operations approach daily.  In ERCOT, for example, retail market usage data is published at the ESI ID level and provides greater visibility into what variables are used for calculating wholesale market settlements. This granular load data is included in the SCR 727 ESIID service history and usage data extracts which may be used by LSEs and TDSPs/MREs to analyze shadow settlements, load volumes or identify data discrepancies between ERCOT and their billing department and/or retail customer enrollment systems.

The upside: ERCOT 727 data helps identify shifting trends in residential load and helps achieve a greater level of settlement statement accuracy and minimizes disputes or billing errors.

The challenge: Massive amounts of data to process and analyze. It can be a lot to keep up with – especially in a time when resources are limited, and the energy market is volatile influenced by a myriad of unknowns.


With Adapt2 by your side, we provide market participants a daily snapshot of ESI ID activity. The ability to track enrollments, service start/stop dates, and premise level meter data across an entire load portfolio can provide key insights on residential load movements. All usage is reported via 727 for non-interval, interval, and AMS smart meter data. By utilizing Adapt2’s premier Bid-to-Bill (B2B) software, energy enterprises receive access to AI and machine learning technology to analyze daily shifts in residential load to dynamically adjust their ERCOT market operations. Built on top of Adapt2’s Tahoe Data Lake, the load shaping engine with ERCOT load profiles provide the ability to calendarize all non-interval usage.


 Adapt2 B2B enables you to:

  • Store vast amounts of data in the Adapt2 Tahoe data lake
  • Analyze shifts in residential load and adjust strategies
  • Apply distribution and transmission losses to premise level usage
  • Allocate unaccounted for energy
  • Use ERCOT load profiles to shape non-interval data
  • Reconcile wholesale market settlement to retail billing
  • Connect directly to ERCOT MarkeTrak to dispute and track service and usage variances


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