HOUSTON, Texas (June 28, 2023) – Adapt2 Solutions, a trusted provider of leading technology for multi-market power operations and trading software, today announced a new agreement with Leeward Renewable Energy (LRE). The agreement will allow LRE to enhance its asset optimization and portfolio management capabilities. This will better meet the needs of its rapidly growing portfolio of solar, wind and storage projects. Adapt2’s software will allow LRE to automate offer strategies and schedules submitted into PJM, ERCOT and other markets, while enabling strategic insights into power settlements and streamlining complex and tedious processes for electricity market participation. LRE plans to utilize Adapt2 to have increased visibility into the outage scheduling of their renewable energy assets and leverage a robust interface with the Renewable Energy Credit (RECs) registry.

“With the rapid and continued growth of LRE’s business, we needed a trusted partner like Adapt2 to provide an in-house platform that would support the expanding scope and scale of our business, “said Massimo Passini, Vice President of Energy Services and Marketing. “Adapt2’s expertise in power market operations platforms, analytics capability, ease-of-use and market leadership made them an excellent choice.”

LRE will couple Adapt2’s flagship Bid-to-Bill (Adapt2 B2B) solution with Adapt2 Green to enable full integration of their energy bidding, energy balancing, PPA management, settlement systems, and green portfolio data analysis. Having Adapt2’s technology will give LRE an established platform as they expand their role as a participant in multiple markets with the ability to lean on Adapt2’s expertise in PJM, ERCOT and other markets. While operating their growing renewable energy facilities, Adapt2 will help LRE’s internal operations team manage generation unit data. Adapt2 will also provide the data needed to analyze their profit and loss transactions in real time. Adapt2’s award-winning software will serve as the anchor system and support LRE as they continue to expand into additional energy markets and Portfolio Management.

“We’ve placed emphasis on research and development in the sustainable energy space,” said Adapt2 Solutions Executive Vice President Jason Kram. “As we continue to offer the most advanced technology and automated solutions for power market participants, we want to also be seen as the leader in Green Energy Data Management. Joining forces with LRE adds another client to our expanding renewable-centric client portfolio.”

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