New solution enables energy customers to leverage AI-technology to optimize renewable and energy storage assets.

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Today, we are excited to unveil our newest solution to manage the complexities of operating renewable and energy storage assets in all markets: Adapt2 Green!

From REC Management, Renewable/Battery Optimization, PPA Contract Management and Settlement to market facing Bidding and Settlement operations, the new Adapt2 Green enables growing renewable and energy storage asset owners to optimize their market operations.

We asked our product team what this means for you:

How will Adapt2 Green benefit the industry?

“The vision behind Adapt2 Green is to continuously evolve the energy industry with the latest technologies and changing market structures that support continued growth and expansion of renewable assets. Adapt2 Green will allow customers to stay ahead of market changes and execute strategies that maximize the benefits of renewable assets built within their respective portfolios. ” – Jason Kram, Executive Vice President at Adapt2

Why do energy companies need Adapt2 Green?

“Renewables and energy storage assets are increasingly challenging the current market structure and driving new reporting needs. Adapt2 Green is designed to evolve with market participant needs for dynamic market changes. Ease of use, intelligent reporting and application speed are all core pillars of Adapt2 Green’s design making it easier than ever for energy companies to grow and operate their renewable portfolios.” –  Kevin Dunlap, Vice President of Product Strategy at Adapt2

What technologies support Adapt2 Green?

“Adapt2 Green leverages Adapt2 Solutions’ existing cloud native architecture that is AI enabled and by our Tahoe big data lake to learn and create efficiencies for daily functions. Adapt2 Green takes advantage of these new paradigms in every system we implement allowing for high availability and security.” – David Nilsson, Senior Vice President at Adapt2

Have more questions or want a demo on how Adapt2 Green can benefit your business? Our sales team is here to help! Email us at and someone will get back to you with more details.

We are excited for the future – it’s looking green!

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