Creativity and an agile culture are two similarities Adapt2 and Freepoint Commodities share. It was no surprise that they two firms started working together to improve Freepoint’s ability to execute power trading and operations at an enterprise level. After working with Adapt2 for several months Freepoint Commodities recently has decided to enter into major northeast markets. They will use Adapt2 ISO for FTR P&L to help gain more transparency into ISO settlement data. Our goal at Adapt2 is to help give our clients the ability to scale and grow. This advancement into new markets is something both companies enter into with great pride.

Freepoint started with us in 2015 with their intention to grow in the power space. They have proven success in their initial market operations. Adapt2 enables Freepoint to quickly enter markets as they see available opportunity. This is the power of having a single consistent solution for all markets” Says Mei Po Ho of Adapt2

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