Over the years, we have supported Emera Energy manage the complexities of their geographically diverse energy portfolio. The company manages approximately $30 billion in assets investing in electricity generation, transmission and distribution, gas transmission and distribution, and utility energy services with a strategic focus on transformation from high carbon to low carbon energy sources. Whether focusing on their investments throughout North America or in four Caribbean countries, an energy company that large needs a scalable, flexible and most importantly a customized solution to meet them on their energy journey.

We’ve worked with Emera Energy for some time using our Adapt2 B2B solution. Seeing a need  to perform sophisticated scenario modeling for three of Emera’s generating facilities within the IESO energy market, we collaborated to develop an enhancement to our Accelerator module. We are happy to announce it is now available to all customers starting today.

This new extension on the Adapt2 B2B solution automates the generation offers within the IESO market, significantly improving time to market and data validation, allowing Emera to concentrate on their business’ bottom line and profit generating tasks.

Our collaborative partnership with Emera Energy has consistently grown over the past five years with innovation at the core. We value Emera’s insight and forward-thinking approach that contributes to the evolution of Adap2’s solutions. That’s what we are here for.

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