ERCOT makes available, Retail Market Data of ESIID relationships, characteristics and usage data for the Market Participants to have greater visibility into what is used in the published Market Settlements. These daily updates are included in the SCR 727 ESIID Service History & Usage Data Extracts which may be utilized by LSEs, and TDSPs/MREs to shadow settle load volume and identify data discrepancies between ERCOT and an internal billing system and/or retail customer enrollment system to achieve a greater level of Settlement Statement accuracy.

Adapt2 provides Retail Market Participants a daily snapshot of customer activity at the premise or ESIID level. Track enrollments, service start stop dates, and premise level meter across your entire load portfolio. All usage is reported via 727 for non-interval, interval, and AMS smart meter data. Utilize Adapt2’s load shaping engine with ERCOT load profiles to calendarize all non-interval usage. Apply ERCOT transmission and distribution loss factors. Reconcile premise level usage to your billing system. Allocate Unaccounted For Energy and aggregate premise level usage to the ERCOT load zone to reconcile Wholesale Market Settlement. Adapt2’s 727 data is transparent, timely, and complete.

Adapt2’s 727 Module enables you to:

  • Apply Distribution and Transmission Losses to Premise Level Usage
  • Allocate Unaccounted For Energy
  • Utilize ERCOT Load Profiles to shape non-interval data
  • Reconcile Wholesale Market Settlement to Retail Billing
  • Connect directly to ERCOT MarkeTrak to dispute and track service and usage variances
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