Adapt2 implements multi-market platform to streamline ISO market operations utilizing cloud-native technology.

HOUSTON, Texas (March 1, 2022) Adapt2 Solutions, a leading provider of AI-enabled multi-market operations and power settlement software, today announced the successful go-live with Mitsui & Co. Energy Marketing and Services (MEMS). The partnership enables complete market participation and functionality for streamlined ISO market operations, including seamless integrations with energy partners. MEMS recognized the need for forward-thinking technology and now can leverage Adapt2’s Bid-to-Bill (B2B) cloud-native platform for the ERCOT energy market.

“Closely collaborating with the MEMS team by providing our subject matter expertise and knowledge of our application helped move this project along quickly to ensure MEMS received market operation functionality in a timely manner, ” said Adapt2 Solutions Vice President, Hernando Delgado. “I look forward to continuing to work with their team as they expand their presence into other energy markets in North America.”

Increasing business on a global scale and having a need for robust technical interfaces, MEMS required accelerated and automated market operations functionality with a single market integration platform with technology openness to other systems. By implementing Adapt2, MEMS is positioned with all bidding, settlement, award, invoice, energy accounting, and ISO interfaces needed to make their operations more efficient in the North American energy markets.

“We are excited to go-live with yet another global company with growing presence in North America,” said Adapt2 Solutions Executive Vice President, Jason Kram. “Adapt2 scalability through our cloud-native architecture will continue to evolve with market operational needs of our customers and help MEMS expand their footprint.”

Adapt2’s proven track record of success helping energy market participants access and utilize market data at the speed of change, will help MEMS pass on value to their customers by being able to more accurately and efficiently participate in power markets.

To learn more about how Adapt2 is accelerating cross border and international power and gas market operations, visit or follow Adapt2 on Linkedin (@Adapt2 Solutions) for more information on upcoming energy market operations and management webinars.

About Adapt2 Solutions:

Adapt2 Solutions (Adapt2) is the leading provider of AI enabled multi-market operations software designed to help market participants streamline all of their front and back office operations. Founded in 2008, Adapt2 delivers market-based solutions on the latest and most current technologies providing customers with fast, intuitive and stable user experience and performance. With over 170 market implementations representing over 2500 market participants, Adapt2 is a leading solution provider in the energy industry. Adapt2 Solutions is a privately held company based in Houston, Texas. To learn more about Adapt2, please visit

About Mitsui & Co. Energy Marketing and Services (USA):

Mitsui & Co. Energy Marketing and Services (“MEMS”) is a subsidiary of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. (“Mitsui”), a diversified global trading, business management, and project development enterprise headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Mitsui maintains a global network of 130 offices in 63 countries/regions and has 514 affiliated companies for consolidation worldwide.

MEMS is a US-based energy business platform of Mitsui. As the US energy market changed, MEMS has been expanding the scope and scale of its activities in line with that mission.





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