One of the foundations of Adapt2 Trade to Tag (T2T) is the Tagging module that provide NAESB compliant Tag Agent and Tag Approval services.

Are you tired of the lack of innovation in the tagging area?

Adapt2 doesn’t believe one-size-fits-all. Tagging in the West is different than tagging in the East, so why would the tagging experience use the same old UI that’s been around since the backup fax form from the 90’s?

Tagging Adapt2solutions

Adapt2 also doesn’t believe the tag is the center of the universe. Tags are made based on physical trading where the power sometimes need to flow and thus be scheduled using a tag. Therefore it makes most sense to have tags be created from trades.

Adapt2 doesn’t hold the tag data hostage. With an open database and accelerated services technologies, tagging data can be securely available to all appropriate parties.

Adapt2 Tagging can stand alone or preferable use trades as the starting point to create tags. Profile changes need to flow back to the trades as an actualization of the trade. Adapt2 Tagging supports these workflows interacting with the Trade Scheduling module that also handles the cases where physical power does not need to flow or be scheduled as tags.

NAESB Compliant Tag Agent


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