Big Data

To make AI and Machine Learning truly useful, it requires data. Adapt2 Tahoe is a data lake based on big data technology; where future and historical data can be assembled together with non-structured data to provide greater business insights using data science (machine learning and AI) tools and methodologies. Needless to say, Tahoe can connect and adapt to any other system, whether using Adapt2 Market Link to markets or to internal systems.

In the energy market space; one thing has remained constant over time; change. This applies not only to market participants trying to keep up with market rule changes and the corresponding data changes on the ISO/RTO side. But also, to how internal and external forces change how a market participant best bids and settles in a market.

Adapt2 has long been the leader in providing innovative bidding tools across all markets that can change as the front office bidding strategies change and using a flexible back office settlement model that allows for predefined workflows such as production month, accounting month, PPA, contract settlement, and PnL across commodities.

The Adapt2 ISO platform has made it possible for market participants to compete successfully in the ever changing marketplace. While a static data model works well to support pre-defined scenarios or slowly changing models, it is not as efficient when change is more rapid.

Adapt2 has now solved that problem; Introducing Adapt2 Tahoe! Adapt2 Tahoe is a data lake based on open big data standards, configured for the energy industry. It leverages the industry leading Hadoop big data stack adding energy desirable components to it to facilitate data ingestion, machine learning, optimization, and analytics.

Tahoe is a data lake, pre-populated and updated with energy data from Adapt2 ISO. The data can be complemented with data from other sources using the built-in ETL and ELT tools. Using graph technology,

Just like Lake Tahoe, Adapt2 Tahoe is very deep with exceptional clarity.


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Adapt2 Solutions is honored to be featured in Entrepreneur 360's Best Companies in America, Inc 5000 fastest-growing Texas-based private companies, AI Breakthrough's Best Solution for Big Data, Business Intelligence Group's AI Excellence Award, and the Financial Times Fastest Growing Companies for 2021. We are proud and committed to continue our journey as a leader in the industry for energy market solutions.


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