PPA/Contract Settlements

Adapt2 Trade is a set of trade management modules in the Adapt2 Trade to Tag (T2T) platform. Its main components include Trade Capture, Confirmations, Exchange Integration, and Trade-2-Tag scheduling.

At its core, Adapt2 Trade is a versatile trading tool that boasts a comprehensive configuration module that facilitates cross-commodity trading. Best-available volumetric and nomination data can be easily managed within the various trade-level asset management components.

Trade Capture – Front Office

Traders and analysts can easily capture and manage plain vanilla physical and financial trades, as well as stacked-products for non-standard and exotic trades. Configurable workflows allow for self-managed and self-contained trade-data providers that interface with other components of the Adapt2 Software Suite. These processes include confirmation workflows, internal data-governance, ICE & CME integration and Risk Management.

Trade Apps and Sub-Modules can be easily configured to interact with external markets, facilitating the “create and submit” process of trades to external markets. Coupled with a sophisticated listener, the Adapt2 Trade Capture module can also receive trades via multiple API settings including “Rest” standard APIs.

ICE Trade Management

Out of the box, Adapt2 Trade can be expediently configured as a passthrough system for capturing and managing ICE Trades. Readily available APIs and Tibco EMS interfaces allow for a seamless integration, allowing Adapt2 Trade to readily access Status and Valuation data directly from ICE.

EConfirm-Integration for physical and financial trades makes Adapt2 Trade an attractive option for managing ICE trades. It includes an easy-to-configure trade-submit process to US and Canadian Trade Vaults.

Finally, it also includes back-end ETL components that take ICE swap data and make it readily available in a designated Swap Data Repository or in the Adapt2 Data Lake.

Renewable Energy Credits (REC-M)

The Adapt2 REC-M Module is part of the Adapt2 Green Offering, which includes an extensive REC management and support system that is effortlessly configurable for all REC and Emission registries. Traders can easily track and manage RECs and Emission Certificates based on registry, issue, vintage and source project.

Configurations include all Renewable Resource Technologies & Fuel Types, i.e. photovoltaic, wind, solar, etc.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA-M)

The Adapt2 PPA-M Module is part of the Adapt2 Green Offering, which includes an extensive Renewable Project Configuration and Management toolset, allowing traders and contract-holders to easily capture and manage Power Purchase agreements.

Easily capture and manage “Time Of Day”, Seasonal and Period Rate inputs for valuation and settlement of REC and PPA data.

The Adapt2 Options & Swaps (OS-M)

Adapt2 Trade also supports financially settled instruments such as standard swaps, Interest Rates Swaps, call & put options, and futures contracts.

The Adapt2 Options & Swaps module allows for option and swap data capture and “valuation over time” based on spot and forward curves to determine “in or out of the money” valuations for exercise periods.

Cross-Commodity Configurations

Adapt2 Trade supports multi-commodity configurations of Heat-Rate for Power and Fuel settings, as well as commodities that require mid-stream configurations with supporting storage and transportation deals.

The Pipeline configuration module includes settings for nomination submittal based on specific pipeline batch and cycle availability. Interfaces for nomination and schedule data are available to capture best-available volumetric data, fuel loss, imbalances and WACOG.

The most readily configured and supported commodities include Power, NatGas, NGL, & Oil.