ISO Settlement

Adapt2’s ISO Settlement suite has everything an ISO market participant needs to meter, settle, shadow, allocate, and invoice across all North American ISOs. Implement Adapt2 modules as needed to support your back office and accounting operations. Adapt2 connects easily to trading and accounting systems to automate the flow of quantity and fee data to your systems of record. Adapt2 provides several Settlement modules to support your back office operations, all with drill-down pivot reporting built right in.

ISO Back Office Essential

ISO Back Office Essential is a strategically defined baseline of back office capabilities that an organization must have to settle with all ISOs. Timely results are critical for a business, as is the data transparency and granularity that Adapt2 ISO provides.

Deliver the latest Production Month results to management and analyze the impacts of settlement disputes and meter true-ups in Prior Period Adjustments. Use the Invoice Review dashboard to control the payment and booking of all ISO charges and credits. Export volumes and fees to any trading system. ISO Back Office Essential includes private data service downloads, such as bids, offers, awards, settlements, and invoices, as well as public data, such as prices and other market values, that are needed for settlement and accounting processes.


A full position view of all cleared positions with the ISOs as well as counterparties that can be configured to multiple levels of hierarchy by date, location, product type, and more.

Production Month

A complete best-available view of all settlement charge types across all participants. Roll up charge types to groups for a full month or drill down to individual sub-hourly intervals at a settlement location.

Prior Period Adjustments

A comparison of settlement versions across multiple billing periods that provides transparency into resettlement changes over time, including settlement disputes and load metering true-up processes across the ISOs.

Settlement Statements

consolidated view of ISO settlement summaries, including Day-Ahead and Real-Time.

Invoice Review

complete dashboard for viewing and approving invoices across all ISOs, including monthly, weekly, and daily invoices. This module also captures PDF versions of invoices for downstream processing and document control.

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Accounting Month

Adapt2’s Accounting Month module provides a snapshot of all settlement charge types and true-ups included in an approved invoice. This allows users to analyze sub-hourly and locational granularity that can be reconciled directly to an invoice. Accounting Month data can be integrated to many accounting systems to automate part of the month-end close process. Track settlement data quality across multiple levels, including Actualized, Settled, and Estimated.

Profit Loss

Profit and Loss

Deliver valuable P&L results to your business for all ISO transactions. Configure ad-hoc calculations in Adapt2’s P&L pivot grid, or schedule calculations to occur as the data updates in real-time. Connect to SCADA and trading systems with Adapt2’s standard PL Data API. Create various types of P&L reports, including intra-day, indicative, as-bid, as-burned, and settlement. When combined with Bid Accelerator, Unit Capability, and Adapt2’s inbound SCADA API, P&L can be fully automated and provide real-time feedback on the health of your operations.


Revenue Assurance

With Adapt2’s premier Revenue Assurance module, perform shadow settlements and compare the results to the best-available settlement data in a simple Market vs Internal view. Use multiple sources of internal data to create a full shadow and combine with simple rolling averages to deliver month-end estimates. Settlement formulas are completely transparent to the user and support customization for source data and logic. Run shadow settlements ad-hoc or on a scheduled basis.

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Confidently complete the last steps of settlement analysis with Adapt2’s Allocation engine. Convert ISO total uplift charges to a utility, asset, or portfolio level. Predict the impact of synergies by shadowing deviation penalties in the allocation process. Report total ISO cost and revenue divided across any allocation bucket. Easily aggregate allocation buckets up to general ledger codes or mappings to integrate fees with your trading system.

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Meter Management

Rapidly import multiple sources of meter data such as MV90 or integrated GMS data. Design meter calculations to aggregate sub-meters or configure if-then-else logic to submit the best available meter. Manage an entire network of sub-hourly sub-meters and totalize for ISO submission at the nodal or zonal level.


Magellan Reports

Create your own reports inside of Adapt2’s end-user reporting toolkit. Deliver results to your business directly in Adapt2 or through automatic file publishing to a network share, email distribution list, or Magellan Reports Website. All reports are available via web service and API.

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C&I Portal

 Provide a website for your Commercial & Industrial customers to import and manage their production forecasts. Review production schedules and load forecasts and then set tolerances to reduce risk. Easily enable straight-through submissions to the ISO for your advanced C&I customers, or add steps to their workflow requiring approval and checkout.


Invoice Compass

Adapt2’s Invoice Compass provides functionality for users to create, format, calculate, verify, and send counter-party invoices. With the ability to capture actual trade, volume, and price data from multiple sources, users can streamline Power Purchase Agreement settlements and track exposure through preliminary settlement details. Through re-executing an invoice, an updated version will be created to capture adjustment details. Settlement and invoice details generated through Invoice Compass can be exported to accounting systems through Adapt2’s APIs and web services.


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