Francisco Diaz

President and Founder

Identifying a need in the power industry, Francisco founded Adapt2 in 2008 and introduced an enterprise-level ISO solution. He is a proud graduate of the University of Texas, with 17 years of energy software experience. The Adapt2 team as well as the clients drive his passion of creating software for users. He is an active board member of the San Jacinto Girl Scouts and a proud father to three beautiful children.

Jason Kram

Executive Vice President

Jason has over 25 years of experience in the power industry. He holds multiple degrees in engineering from North Dakota State University and an MBA from the University of Houston. He enjoys watching his daughter dance competitively and has given his right arm to his son throwing batting practice over the years. Jason has visited 26 out of 30 MLB baseball stadiums with his son and targeting all 30 by 2020.

David Nilsson

Senior Vice President

David has over 26 years of experience in the power industry where he helped create the first 3 ISOs (CAISO, NYISO & IESO). He has done extensive research on Artificial Intelligence in Power Trading at Lund University in Sweden and is on the Board of Directors for NAESB. In his spare time you can find him participating in the USA Floorball Association or finishing an Ironman Triathlon.

Kevin Dunlap

Vice President of Product Strategy

If Francisco is the vision, Kevin is the brain. Kevin has dedicated 25% of his life to software in the wholesale power markets. His passion for software delivery began at Mississippi State University, using cutting edge languages such as Fortran and COBOL. He loves all Adapt2 users and was mildly famous in his 20’s, programming and playing the synthesizer in his synth pop band. In Kevin’s spare time, you will find him fighting software crime.


Mei Po Ho

Vice President of Operations

Within minutes of meeting MeiPo, you can understand that she is one of the diamonds of Adapt2. A graduate of the University of Houston, she has 14 years of energy software experience and adores working with and growing her support team. Over the past few decades, energy has made a move toward “going green.” MeiPo is our very own Mother Nature. Her favorite day is Earth Day and she is the proud parent of three beautiful children.


Michael Dupeire

Senior Manager of Development Operations

Michael has 10 years of experience in the software and energy industries and holds a Master’s Degree from Mississippi State University. He loves converting business requirements into useable software functionality. Michael excels at the art of boiling crawfish and is a proud former Marine.


Ross Nichols

Product Delivery Manager

Ross will probably be president of the United States someday, with Francisco as his campaign manager. This young and vibrant University of Texas graduate has spent six years in the software space and loves every second of what he does. Making clients dreams come true is what drives him to levels of genius. Ross has been to all 50 states but his favorite is and will always be Texas.


Will Johnson

Development Manager

Will has 5 years of experience in the energy software industry and holds a Master’s Degree from Tulane University. His success at Adapt2 is driven by his passion for software quality and customer satisfaction. In his free time, Will is swamped with chores as a new father.