SPP Market Settlements Release 2.13

SPP will be putting a market participant impacting release into effect on April 26, 2018. The following items are contained in MSS Release 2.13:

  • MCR Configuration Identification
  • Enhancements to member-facing Settlements UI to present meaningful message when user does not have
    appropriate role assigned to certificate
  • Meter Data UI
  • Notification UI
  • Settlements Reports UI
  • Mitigated Energy Offer for Regulation Deployment Adjustment Settlements
  • Design Change for BSS and OCL Distribution
  • Formula Correction related to RR200 Calculations
  • FERC Formatted EQR reporting Begin Date, End Date, and Trade Date for Operating Date
  • FERC Formatted EQR reporting date/time fields changed from GMT to CPT
  • NYISO introduces more granularity to EQR Reports

    In support of FERC’s updated filing requirements, NYISO will introduce additional data granularity into two EQR reports in DSS:

    •FERC EQR Transaction File

    • FERC EQR Transaction File – Bilateral Contracts

    Within these reports, the following changes will occur:

    • Transactions that are settled on a sub-hourly basis, such as 5-minute increments, will now be reported using the relevant designations in the transaction data section of the EQR, replacing the data previously aggregated to the “hourly” and “daily” increment

    • Settlement data that is currently only settled at the hourly, daily, and monthly increment shall continue to be reported at the hourly, daily, and monthly level.

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