PPL Electrical Utilities serves over 1.4 million customers in 29 counties in Pennsylvania. PPL chose to implement Adapt2 ISO’s Market Link and Back Office functionality to improve efficiency and provide greater business transparency. PPL utilizes Adapt2 ISO to validate meters, shadow ISO settlements, and reconcile market invoices, resulting in improvements to their bottom line.

In 2015, PPL’s goal was to find the best solution within a reasonable budget. Their legacy system was outdated and required significant manual effort to update and maintain. Once PPL partnered with Adapt2, a fully functional implementation was completed in less than six months. The system met the expectations of the PPL team and is currently being utilized by the Energy Procurement, Settlements, and Scheduling teams.

Adapt2 ISO provides enhanced capability while helping PPL reduce the amount of manual effort by 90%. Complex data analysis is much easier, and the data upload processes are faster, which is particularly important given the volume of data. In addition, the Adapt2 ISO user interface is intuitive and efficient, enabling PPL to quickly review different data sources, compare results, and adjust as needed. Adapt2 Manager Ross Nichols led this initiative. He enjoyed working with the PPL team and is especially grateful for the introduction to Lehigh Valley Cheesesteaks – now we know why he is always asking if there is more work in Allentown.

“Adapt2 ISO has drastically decreased our manual work. Now we can do a high level of comparison of the data with minimal changes and updates. This helps us concentrate on more pressing issues and tasks within our team. Tasks that previously took the team multiple hours have been reduced by at least 50%” – William Sharkazy, Analyst


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