Founded in 2004, Mercuria Energy has become a global leader in energy and commodities trading. The Mercuria network encompasses 38 offices in 27 countries. In 2012, Mercuria partnered with Adapt2 Solutions to improve the transparency and efficiency of their ISO/RTO operations. Mercuria utilizes Adapt2 for both Front Office Trading and Back Office Settlements.

Mercuria has prioritized trading process efficiency. Their forward thinking has helped them become an industry leader in the energy and commodities markets. Prior to implementing Adapt2 ISO, Mercuria used manual processes that were both time-consuming and risky. The potential for human error in ISO/RTO trade submissions was a primary driver in the decision to automate.
Mercuria and Adapt2 have been partners for over five years, and Mercuria is currently utilizing Adapt2 in PJM, MISO, SPP, and ERCOT. They are pleased with the efficiency of the system, particularly with virtual transactions and physical scheduling in ERCOT. Mercuria’s Trading and Risk System Support Engineer, states that “FTR options reports and the automation of importing these awards is important to our business and Adapt2 Solutions’ reports make this process more efficient.” Adapt2’s third-party communication capabilities provide Mercuria with the ability to execute trades with other companies outside of the ISO/RTO portals. Over the past five years, Adapt2 ISO has become a critical part of the Mercuria power operations business.

“Adapt2 created a MISO report for TCC nodal prices/auction calendar year which has substantially improved our ability to capture revenue in the market.”- Trading and Risk Systems Support Engineer, Mercuria


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