With a rapid average implementation time per market, the Product and Delivery teams set the standard for customer service. Adapt2 is driven not only by project success but also by the desire to create positive, lasting impacts for the clients we serve. Our agile delivery methodology has proven to be consistent and successful across a range of customers in various industries.
Adapt2 will work directly with each customer to implement a solution tailored to the requirements of the organization. Our approach achieves a better understanding and realization of business objectives, an effective alignment of costs and benefits, greater flexibility to change priorities, and minimal risk and disruption to business operations. The methodology relies on a rigorous scope definition process to support highly predictable project execution.
Multiple incremental implementation and deployment projects, each focused on a specific business objective, result in a series of “mini” projects that minimize the number of impacted business processes and users. These distinct, smaller implementations are more likely to stay on time and budget while providing greater visibility into delivery success.


Planning & Requirements – Adapt2 will work with the customer to define the as-is and to-be requirements for all functional, technical, and integration processes. This effort helps define the project scope, project plan, resource plan, and communication plan. These plans will be validated by both the client and Adapt2 prior to the next phase. Detailed planning and requirements definition will identify the critical path and enable Adapt2 to optimize delivery while avoiding potential bottlenecks.

Design & Build – During this stage, Adapt2 will work with the client to assess the current capabilities of Adapt2 ISO and identify both critical functionality as well as any gaps that could impact project success. Gaps will be reviewed and prioritized for inclusion in the current project scope or else assigned as future enhancements. Any required development work related to project requirements, including external integration points not currently supported, will be addressed during this phase.

Configuration & Implementation – In this phase, Adapt2 ISO will be installed and configured according to requirements. This includes reference data set-up, market connectivity configuration, and all customization necessary to tailor the solution to the needs of the client. Functionality to support business requirements, user access & security, reporting needs, and integration points will be implemented during this stage.

Training & Testing – Once the system is implemented, Adapt2 will provide comprehensive training for all users. Instruction that ties directly to business activities (i.e. Settlements, Bid Submission, etc.) ensures that key users understand how the application supports their job functions. There is also administration training that provides the IT team and super-users with the knowledge to support the system. At this point, the customer has the opportunity to formally validate the system. During the design, build, and implementation phases, Adapt2 has conducted extensive unit and system testing to confirm that the application meets requirements. User acceptance testing, often in conjunction with parallel testing, allows the customer to verify that project requirements have been met, interfaces are functional, and organization business processes are supported. Customer feedback during this phase will be essential to the refining of subsequent training and updating the system configuration as required.

Delivery & Support – During this phase, the customer will sign off on the results of the implementation, testing, and training. Once the solution has been validated, the application will be deployed to the production environment. A prioritized list of open issues and potential enhancements will be captured for future releases. The project will officially end and the customer will transition into the support model defined during the project requirements phase.


All ISO/RTO Power Markets

Project Management

Systems Integration

Generation Offer Models

Demand Bid Load Forecast Models

Financial Energy Product Models

Profit and Loss Reporting

Invoice and Settlement Analysis


“Adapt2 continually exceeds our expectations. The delivery team is truly comprised of subject
matter experts that are the eyes and ears of the ISO markets.”

– Manager, Power Market Operations

“Our purchase and implementation of the Adapt2 software was one of our critical path objectives
to make the Company more efficient and accurate in its market submittals and settlements. Our
experience with the implementation of the Adapt2 product has been exceptional and reflects
their commitment to excellence. They have exceeded our expectations.”

– Vice President of Information Technology and Controls, Champion Energy