Adapt2 offers a comprehensive Outage Scheduling System that supports commercial decision making and communication between the commercial business and plant operators. Submit and synchronize outage tickets with any outage management system (ISO or third-party) in one easy-to-use interface. Easily report on historical, current, and future outages. Manage capacity (RA). Connect to Bid Accelerator, Unit Capability, and Empower Dashboard to ensure unit bids and schedules factor in all outages and derates. 

ISO Outage Connectivity
APIs for the submission to and retrieval of ISO/RTO data with peak of outage information
Manage and Automate Outage Workflow
Provides functionality to log and manage workflows to evaluate, process, and approve planned and forced outage request by outage coordinators, plant personnel and/or field personnel
Outage Planning
Functionality to support the identification of related outages and the creation of an outage calendar to support outage planning
Seamless User Interface
Single point of entry with user role management and permissions
Empower Dashboard
Clients can now connect Plant Operators to Asset Managers. Plant Operators can import Unit Capabilities for Asset Managers to use in Bid Formulation, and Asset Managers can publish commercial results and operational data back to the Plant Operators.



Empower Dashboard

    Five minute ticks for the past hour
    Hourly integrated LMPs
    Advanced filtering of real time data and operators
    Hourly data dashboards
    Gross margin estimates of hourly day-ahead and real-time performance
    Average production cost per MW at real time output level
    P&L differences in gross margin and day-ahead gross margin.

“I really like the DA vs RT graph to highlight the 5-minute tick data changes and give a quick view to opportunities” -Managing Director Plant Operations