TCR Release 4.1 is a member-impacting release that will include updates to address two member-facing defects one member-facing enhancement, and one member-impacting defect that will require API changes. 

These changes include: 

  • Market Result Files Do Not Consistently Display Existing Description Values 

The Private Market Results download file for a monthly allocation in CSV format will be modified to show descriptions of both ”stage 1” and ”stage 2” nominations. This will align with what is seen in the MUI nomination editor. 

  • Market and Secondary Market API Dates  

TCR Market Service and Secondary Market Service APIs will use the correct date format.  

  • Historical Peak Load Calculation Correction

 Data Interface Historical Peak Load import will be modified to create records with correct MW value by using ROUND function instead of CELING function (to round the MW values to 0.1 granularity).  

  • Validations for MW and Price Values and Detailed Error Message 

The TCR MUI will check for invalid bid MW and/or bid price for portfolio uploads, and provide the user with a detailed error message indicating the invalid MW of a specific row in the upload file. 


The TCR Release 4.1 will be installed in MTE for testing on 07/23/2020. Unstructured member testing will be conducted 07/27/2020 to 08/07/2020. Adapt2 urges all SPP market participants to conduct sandbox testing. Adapt2 will continue to monitor the release impacts and work with clients to ensure that they are ready for the changes coming soon. 

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