Specific to the update of the technical specifications, a new draft version of the API technical specifications for the Markets Release 1.23 has been posted to the Future Marketplace Tech Specs folder (a sub-folder of the Marketplace Tech Specs folder). The new version includes an updated version of the energy_v10_0.xsd. All other WSDL and XSD’s remained the same as what was provided in the initial draft posting. An official version of these specifications will be published in early September.

Included in the new draft MOS 1.23 API specifications are the Energy and Market Web Services WSDLs and XSDs, along with reports highlighting the differences compared to the latest Markets Web Services specifications published on SPP.org in the Current Marketplace Tech Specs folder. A report comparing the initial draft version of the Energy v10 XSD to the new draft version has also been included.

For more information please visit: SPP

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