What you need to know:

Anticipated Go Live is November 1, 2017

  • Participants must have compliant schedules in system by 10/31/17
  • All schedules will be set to Unavailable for market day 11/1/17
  • Participants will need to set their applicable schedules for 11/1/17 to availability by 10:30 am on 10/31/17
  • Participants may differentiate (vary by hour) their Day ahead offer for the 11/1 market day and may update in the rebid period (1:30 to 2:15)*
  • If the participant has indicated they will opt-in to Intraday Offers in their Fuel Cost Policy (and been approved), they may then make real-time hourly updates to their offer beginning after 18:30 on 10/31 (for 11/1/)

* For opted-out units, updates are locked at the end of the rebid for uncommitted units and at the beginning of rebid for committed units


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