April 1st is the Go Live date for 5 minute settlements. To ensure our clients are ready we have been closely monitoring the PJM. Here is the latest and greatest of what you need to know.

5-Minute Settlements:

The following MSRS reports containing static test data for the operating day of December 3, 2016 have been released in the MSRS training environment:

– Spot Market Energy Charge Summary
– Energy Market & Congestion Loss Charges Details
– Generator LMP Charge Summary
– Balancing Generator LMP Charges
– Explicit Loss Charges
– Explicit Congestion Charges
– Real-Time Daily Energy Transactions*
– Day-Ahead Daily Energy Transactions*

In addition hourly RT and DA LMP CSV files will be available through March 31. They will no longer be published, effective April 1st.

March 6th data will be available for testing for the operating day of March 5, 2018.
Available data will include:

– Five Minute Real-Time LMPs (Daily only)
– Five Minute Ancillary Services Prices (Daily only)

*PJM provides a disclaimer that “these Real-Time LMPs will be considered test data and will not be used for any settlement calculations.”

To see complete information on this topic visit: PJM Tech Change Forum

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