In 2017 NYISO hit several milestones in the following areas:

  • DER Roadmap
  • Carbon Pricing
  • EMS and BMS Upgrades
  • Reliability Needs Assesments
  • Cost Effective Projects Regarding Transmission Planning
  • Interconnection Process Improvements
  • Maximizing TCC Awards
  • Capacity Market Demand Curves
  • Recently, NYISO released its strategic plan for 2018 – 2022.

    The strategic objectives include:

  • Being a Leader in Reliability
  • Being a Leader in Market Design and Performance
  • Being the Authoritative Source for NYISO Information
  • Having Seamless Performance by having Excellence in Execution of operations, markets, and planning
  • Strengthening Planning Capabilities
  • Being a Leader in Technology Innovation
  • For a deeper dive into this information please visit: NYISO

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