The MISO Market User Interface (MUI) 2.0 is designed with future performance, reliability, and usability in mind. On Thursday, June 17th, MISO announced a delay in the start of MUI parallel operations to address issues with notifications. The delay will allow more time to test the fix and validate the installation to ensure a smooth start to parallel operations.

A new date for parallel operations will be provided in July; an adjustment will be made to the legacy system retirement timing by the same amount of the delay.

Please take a minute to give your final “ready to start parallel operations” status using the MUI 2.0 Readiness App. Simply mark your organization as “On Track”.

For more information, MISO has several resources on the MUI 2.0 website including the MUI 2.0 FAQ and MUI 2.0 Readiness App User Guide.

Users can reach the Member Readiness App two ways:

  1. Using MISO Market Portal
    2. Click “Launch” on the MUI 2.0 Member Readiness tile.
  2. Go directly to the application at

The Adapt2 team will stay vigilant in informing clients of any updates or changes regarding MISO MUI 2.0. If you have any questions, please contact your Adapt2 team representative. For more information, MISO has several resources on the MUI 2.0 website including the MUI 2.0 FAQ and MUI 2.0 Readiness App User Guide.

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