The MISO Market User Interface (MUI) 2.0 platform became accessible to Market Participants on September 8th at 11 a.m. EPT after Market Close. Now, MISO will have both the legacy platform and MUI 2.0 available in production until January 18, 2022 when legacy is retired in CCE and production. At that time, all customers must have migrated to MUI 2.0 and cannot switch back to legacy.

Market Participants can use either system and choose the best window to migrate over. MISO highly encourages migrating early during parallel operations to address any migration or software issues. Moreover, Adapt2 Solution advises clients to migrate prior to December 7th considering this is the go-live date for Short-Term Reserves; transition to MUI 2.0 is required to update Short-Term Reserve offer parameters.

To access the production user interface, go to the Production Portal, find the Market User Interface (MUI) tile and click “Launch MUI 2.0”. User permissions are shared between legacy and MUI 2.0 (but not between CCE and Production) and querying transactions are not shared between legacy and MUI 2.0.

If there are any migration issues, customers can switch back to legacy without MISO intervention but may reach out to for general, non-urgent questions.

Adapt2 is happy to provide its clients with relevant market updates. Thank you for your cooperation.

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