MISO has extended the scheduled end of MUI 2.0 Parallel Operations from Tuesday, January 18th to February 2022; an exact date has not been announced at this time. To address known issues that inhibit some customers from migrating to the new MUI 2.0, MISO made the decision to extend parallel operations where both the legacy MUI and new MUI 2.0 are available to ensure a reliable transition.

On Tuesday, January 18th, a new MUI 2.0 was installed into Production; the release addressed several issues listed in the MUI 2.0 Last Release Changes document. Additionally, this release  comes with a new MUI 2.0 API Specification. Additional MUI 2.0 resources are available on the MUI 2.0 website.

MUI 2.0 Parallel Operations started September 8th and will end in February 2022. During this period, both the legacy and new MUI 2.0 are available. If your organization has not done so already, please begin migrating to the new MUI 2.0 as soon as possible.

To access the production user interface, go to the Production Portal, find the Market User Interface (MUI) tile and click “Launch MUI 2.0”. User permissions are shared between legacy and MUI 2.0 (but not between CCE and Production) and querying transactions are not shared between legacy and MUI 2.0.


For general non-urgent questions, please email MSEQuestions@misoenergy.org. Thank you for allowing Adapt2 Solutions to bring you the latest market news.

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