PJM’s implementation of its two-step verification process detailed below is for client browser interactions only. Adapt2 is not impacted by this change, since all of Adapt2’s interaction with PJM is server to server.   From: Holland, Risa J. Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2018 11:02 AM Subject: Aug 15 PJM Tool Implementation of Two-step verification in Train environment This has been sent to the MSS, Account Manager, Account Manager CAMs, Billing Line Item Transfer, Bulletin Board Users, eFTR/FTRCenter, DR Hub Tool Users, ExSchedule, Planning Center,InSchedule, Markets Gateway, Data Viewer Users Group, Data Miner, eRPM Application Users, Website Updates, PCLLRW, Power Meter, Resource Tracker and TechNotify email lists on behalf of Foluso Afelumo, manager, Development Operations, Development Operations & Database Management Department Dear members, Actions Required: Stakeholders will need to complete the following two-step verification in Train environment in order to maintain their PJM tool access. Log into PJM tools train Refer to automatic email received that contains an 8 digit pin Enter 8 digit pin in train Click the “Finish Login” button. Share this communication within your company where applicable. Review the FAQs for two-step verification.As communicated at the Tech Change Forum, PJM will be implementing a two-step verification security enhancement to single sign on tools in the Train environment on Wednesday, JulyAugust 15 between 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. (1700 to 1900 hours) EPT. After this change is complete, anyone accessing PJM tools in the Train environment will need to re-login and follow the steps above to complete the verification process. As a reminder, this enhancement will be made available in the production environment on October 10, 2018. FAQs for two-step verification are available. Details on two-step verification are available in the Tech Change Forum posted meeting materials. PJM will implement the two-step verification process for the following tools:
  • Account Manager
  • Billing Line Item Transfer (BLIT)
  • Bulletin Board
  • Data Miner 2
  • Data Viewer
  • DR Hub
  • eCredit
  • Emergency Procedures
  • eRPM
  • PJM Tools home page
  • ExSchedule
  • FTR Center
  • Gas Pipeline
  • InSchedule
  • Markets Gateway
  • Market Settlements Reporting System (MSRS)
  • Planning Center: Gen Model/Queue Point
  • Post Contingency Local Load Relief Warning (PCLLRW)
  • Power Meter
  • Resource Tracker Key Messages · PJM works hard to ensure the security of PJM’s stakeholders’ information and aims to create as little disruption as possible for those who do business with us. · The two-step verification process is necessary in order for our stakeholders to have uninterrupted access to PJM Tools. If you have any questions regarding this communication, please contact PJM’s Customer Service or 610-666-8980.
Thank you Foluso Afelumo Manager of Development Operations, Development Operations & Database Management Department
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