Effective on December 16, 2020 CAISO has activated new features as part of phase three of the Automatic Dispatch System (ADS). These features are only available via the new ADS User Interface, which is API version 8.

New features include:

  • Dispatch Operating Target Tariffs (DOTT)
  • Unannounced AS Testing
  • RTCD Commitment
  • Follow DOT Flag
  • Operating Instructions
  • CAISO invited customers to transition to the ADS UI, API version 8 and run the ADS client in parallel for validation through the next few months. For any transition plan, progress or issues you can contact your Adapt2 support team or California ISO directly at 1-866-528-2256, access code: 1465216.

    Phase four of the ADS project will include the decommission of the old ADS client, API version 6.

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