As we approach the summer months, California ISO (CAISO) will be making updates to several API service names, versions, and artifacts as part of its Summer Readiness initiative. In the past, CAISO has had emergency situations and is committed to bettering its grid operations.

CAISO, along with its stakeholders, proposed several tariff revisions and identified actions to prepare for potential extreme weather events. The projects and changes will incentivize additional load to be available during high volume energy usage. Some of these proposed tariff changes include:

  • Providing bid cost make-whole payments for hourly intertie block schedules
  • Improving processes for bidding, dispatch, and pricing
  • Improving EIM operations and coordination
  • Operating reserve pricing at energy bid caps during system emergencies
  • Improving the independent study interconnection process

For more CAISO updates, please subscribe to the Adapt2 RSS feed and coordinate with your software provider to ensure the proper MAP testing was performed for the new Summer Readiness Project APIs, RA enhancements, and FERC 831 changes.

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