Originally published on September 30, 2019 by Sam Mire on Disruptor Daily.

Let’s hope that with AI’s help, the future of energy isn’t as bleak as many project it to be.  Let’s believe that the indomitable human spirit, alongside the latest in technology and innovation, will create a sustainable means of powering humanity well into the future. Will this be the case, or are we being overly optimistic?

These energy industry professionals shared their visions of energy’s future with us for comparison. Here’s what they said:

“Energy efficiency and demand response are constantly gaining importance from all over the world. AI enables energy businesses to streamline workflows to make more informed decisions about their increasingly smart energy grid. Just recently, the UK shared forecasts for solar power generation which have become far more accurate through the use of artificial intelligence. This has the potential to lower energy bills and carbon emissions – a win all around.” – Jason Kram, Executive Vice President at Adapt2 Solutions

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