Originally published on September 19, 2019 by Sam Mire on Disruptor Daily.

Though there’s a broad trend in the energy sector towards renewables, that’s just a single broad brush stroke within the bigger pictures. What other trends are shaping the future of energy extraction, refinement, and consumption. How will these trends impact our daily lives?

These industry insiders provided their takes on the #1 trend shaping energy this year, and into the future.

“Our energy portfolio is diversifying and by applying AI to the massive amounts of available market data, we are driving the development of new features, functions, and capabilities that will become the standard (if not mandatory) in the next 2-3 years. Whether automating back-office billing or educating front office bids, AI is digitally transforming the energy industry as we see new sources of energy including wind and ocean.” – Jason Kram, Executive Vice President at Adapt2 Solutions

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