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Adapt2 provides an automated approach to managing clean energy initiatives at Community Choice Aggregators.

HOUSTON, TX – (October 25, 2022) Adapt2 Solutions, a leading provider of AI-enabled multi-market operations power trading and settlements software, today announced the partnership with California Community Choice Aggregator, Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE). As a leader in providing consumers with carbon-free energy, SVCE is leveraging Adapt2’s modernized SaaS Bid-to-Bill platform, along with Adapt2 Green, for streamlining the processes needed for managing the complexities of the California ISO (CAISO) and the nuances of renewable assets.

SVCE was seeking a robust settlements system that would streamline bilateral transactions, California ISO (CAISO) settlements, and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Through the use of Adapt2, SVCE will be able to better report and analyze long term contracts, streamline management of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), quickly capture data for resource adequacy transactions, manage formula determinants, and access real-time reporting for strategic decision making.

“The Adapt2 solution will help SVCE deliver on its mission of competitive energy rates,” said Girish Balachandran, SVCE CEO. “By streamlining access to granular data for carbon-free and renewable energy supply, SVCE will be able to more efficiently analyze the best ways to deliver cleaner, cheaper energy to our communities.”

Built on a flex-technology design pattern, pairing Adapt2 Green with Adapt2 B2B enables energy market participants to manage renewable energy assets in a single platform while having real-time access to all MRIS and CMRI data from CAISO. With greater ease of analyzing data at the asset level SVCE can more effectively achieve its goal of delivering more renewable energy at lower generation rates.

“We are excited to add another Community Choice Aggregator to our client-base. As we continue to meet the market demands of the power sector, we will expand our offering to encompass a one-stop solutions for all energy market and renewable energy data” said Executive Vice President, Jason Kram.

Adapt2 Green coupled with Adapt2 Bid-to-Bill (B2B) and Adapt2 Trade-to-Tag (T2T) provides energy market participants an integrated end to end solution for all their energy data needs. Enhanced with AI and big data capabilities, Adapt2 is market-tested to provide market participants across all North American ISO energy markets a strategic advantage with significant efficiencies. To learn more about how Adapt2 is accelerating renewable energy, power and gas market operations, visit https://adapt2.com or follow Adapt2 on LinkedIn (@Adapt2 Solutions).

About Adapt2 Solutions:

Adapt2 Solutions (Adapt2) is the leading provider of AI enabled multi-market operations software designed to help market participants streamline all of their renewable energy, power trading and scheduling and front and back-office operations. Founded in 2008, Adapt2 delivers market-based solutions on the latest and most current technologies providing customers with fast, intuitive and stable user experience and performance. With over 200 market implementations, Adapt2 is a leading solution provider in the energy industry. Adapt2 Solutions is a privately held company based in Houston, Texas. To learn more about Adapt2, please visit www.adapt2solutions.com.




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