Sempra joined the Adapt2 family in 2015, and has continued to grow with Adapt2 since the initial implementation of Adapt2 ISO for CAISO and SPP. Sempra currently uses Adapt2 ISO to support all Front Office ISO Trading and Settlement activities in CAISO, SPP, and ERCOT.

Sempra leverages many Adapt2 products. Below are some highlights.

– Bid Accelerator automates the formulation of generation offers and off-taker schedules for all assets under Sempra’s management.
– Unit Capability Portal ensures each plant operator can import and update hourly unit capabilities which automatically flow through to the bidding process.
– Virtual Trader allows Sempra to create and submit virtual bids and financial schedules across all ISO’s in which they participate, all from one quick financial deal capture blotter.
– Profit and Loss calculates real-time intra-day P&L reports for all of Sempra’s activities whether financial or physical.

Sempra is an excellent example of a market participant who has realized the great value of Adapt2 ISO to support all markets in a single solution framework with critical features like those listed above.

Integration of the Unit Capability Portal and Bid Accelerator provides a very efficient and streamlined way to make sure any real-time changes with their generation fleet are accurately reflected in the generation offers submitted to each ISO.

– Zack Dorman, Product Services Lead

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