Manually managing ISO/RTO market interactions can be challenging for a company that is increasing its presence in the marketplace. IGS Energy’s continued growth prompted an interest in optimizing process efficiency. In early 2017, the energy supplier and Adapt2 Solutions began discussing a partnership that would enhance the operational excellence of IGS Energy’s power operations team.

Adapt2 Solutions is proud to announce that it has begun implementation on a solution supporting both Front- and Back-Office functions for IGS Energy at their Columbus, Ohio office. Francisco Diaz, Adapt2 Solutions President, states “Partnering with IGS is something that gives us great pride. We see a lot of potential for them as a dominant player in the power market and are happy to be working with them to achieve their goals.”

IGS Energy hopes that their partnership with Adapt2 will provide the following benefits:
• Increased revenue from savings resulting from in-house bidding functions
• Greater data granularity and transparency to facilitate analysis of power operations costs
• Scalable interface and processes that supports all ISO/RTO markets

About Adapt2 Solutions: The goal of Adapt2 Solutions is to provide customer-focused software that helps energy participants better manage their ISO/RTO operations. The scalable and flexible solutions provided by Adapt2 assists clients in various industries, including power generation, retail, commodities trading, and utilities. For more information, visit:

About IGS Energy: IGS Energy is one of the largest independent retail energy suppliers of electricity and natural gas in the country, with over 25 years of experience and over 1,000,000 happy customers. For more information or to enroll with IGS Energy visit:

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