Market participants have been partaking in shadow settlements for years. With the gradual go live of 5 minute settlements (FERC 825) across all power markets, software upgrades could have a significant impact of your settlement accuracy.

Fast start resources will be more affected by this change due to their changes in Real Time. Metering and Energy Accounting systems may have to be upgraded for renewable and combined-cycle generators to ensure the accuracy of 5 minute interval volumes and data.

With the release of FERC 825 across all markets, settlement data is expected to increase by 12x. Charge codes are expected to change and your functionality will have to be able to display more granular data.

Adapt2 Solutions helps clients with this increase of data through the use of data lakes and the most up to date technology and server framework. Our market experts navigate through these changes in charge codes seamlessly giving our clients more time to focus on their core business. We have a proven track record of helping clients find what we call “Power Money” in their settlement data through shadowing.

Watch the following videos to see the Adapt2 track record of settlement success.

For your needs in combating these upcoming 5 minute settlement changes…we are here to help and welcome all market participants to partner with us and be part of the Adapt2 client family.

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