As of January 1, 2018, Adapt2 ISO is the system of record for the Empire District Electric Company. This was a comprehensive implementation project for the SPP market, including functionality to support front office, back office, reporting, integration with external systems, and Empower Dashboard. In addition, we introduced new functionality for transaction management (through the new Trade Blotter) as well as unit commitment analysis and review. The Empire implementation will set a new benchmark for the capability of Adapt2 ISO in terms of market data processing volume, complex profit & loss (P&L) analysis, and shadow settlements for SPP. The efficiency and flexibility of the Adapt2 application led Empire to select us to replace the legacy implementation of a competitor. The Adapt2 team truly considers it an honor to be partnered with them starting the New Year!

Below is more information about Adapt2 ISO’s Trade Blotter, Unit Commitment, P&L Module, and Empower Dashboard.

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Power Trade Blotter
Create bids and offers quickly without cluttering your CTRM system with extraneous information. Cleared positions and schedules are instantaneously sent to the CTRM system for VaR, Greeks, Credit, and other Risk analysis processes. The blotter provides power trading and position management capability that eliminates spreadsheets and other manual processes.
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Profit and Loss
Deliver valuable P&L results to your business for all ISO transactions. Configure ad-hoc calculations in Adapt2’s P&L pivot grid, or schedule calculations to occur as the data updates in real-time. Connect to SCADA and trading systems with Adapt2’s standard PL Data API. Create various types of P&L reports, including intra-day, indicative, as-bid, as-burned, and settlement. When combined with Bid Accelerator, Unit Capability, and Adapt2’s inbound SCADA API, P&L can be fully automated and provide real-time feedback on the health of your operations.
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Empower Dashboard
Adapt2’s latest web-based dashboard allows schedulers, dispatchers, and operators to track asset performance in real-time. Analyze lost opportunity due to poor asset performance, outages, and dispatch. Deliver immediate feedback to plant operators, providing insight into the incremental value of bringing equipment back to service on time.
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Unit Commitment
The Unit Commitment screen provides real-time graphical insight into the commitment instructions and unit status across the entire asset fleet. Users can view transition types, start status, and all instructions acknowledged by the operator. Unit Commitment also displays the associated commitment history, binding constraint, and other configurable details associated with each instruction.
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