Emera Case Study JD Edit

Emera Energy owns, operates, and optimizes over 1,700 MW of power generation. They also provide third-party marketing, trading, and asset management services. As Emera grew, they needed a system to help manage transactions across multiple ISO markets, and Adapt2 ISO was the solution they were searching for. A partnership was started In 2014, and Adapt2 ISO has become a vital component of both front and back office operations.

The team at Emera Energy was looking to replace proprietary tools with a customizable platform that had a consistent look and feel across markets and products. After reviewing a number of third-party solutions, they ultimately selected Adapt2.
In six months, Adapt2 worked with Emera Energy to implement both front office trading functionality and back office settlements components for three ISOs. In 2016, Emera Energy expanded their front office capabilities to include the Bid Accelerator functionality. Currently, Emera Energy’s front office uses Adapt2 ISO to submit bids, offers, and external transactions. The Adapt2 ISO back office modules are used by the Asset Management and Analytics team for settlements and reporting functionality.  As Emera Energy incorporates new business, they are able to expand existing templates to support these changes. Having a consistent platform for scheduling functions allows for simplified training as well as efficient business operations, resulting in more time to focus on commercial decision making.

“We find the Adapt2 team to be fantastic people to deal with and that issues are always addressed quickly. Adapt2 even give the extra effort to proactively support us. We appreciate that new ideas we have had have been incorporated into the product, which not only helps us but our entire client base.”


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