Today, we are excited to welcome Boston Energy Trading and Marketing (BETM) who implemented our Adapt2 B2B solution for their multi-market operations bid-to-bill platform. BETM provides trading and energy management services for generators specializing in power and natural gas congestion and basis strategies. With Adapt2 by their side, we will help them manage not one or two ISOs but nine North American ISOs.

We are thrilled to partner with BETM and include them in our customer base of multi-market participants. Together, with our strong alignment in business objectives, BETM and Adapt2 will have a strategic relationship that evolves the energy market. After a short 5 month implementation, BETM has officially gone live for front and back office operations including:

  • Front Office: Bids, Offers, FTRs, Auctions, Contracts, Schedules, Transactions, and Awards
  • Back Office: Production Month, Prior Period Adjustments, Settlement Statements, and Invoices

Our software is designed to help market participants streamline all of their front and back office operations. This enables BETM to focus on their core asset management and energy trading operations while being assured that the Adapt2 B2B solution is updated with all market changes and delivered on current cloud native infrastructure.

With over 120 market implementations representing over 2000 market participants, that’s a promise we can deliver on.

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