Held Aug. 11-12, virtual customer conference focused on industry trends with renewable energy and forward thinking technology needs of energy market participants.

HOUSTON, Texas (Aug. 19 2021) — Adapt2 Solutions, a leading provider of AI-enabled multi-market operations and trading software, hosted its annual Accelerate conference last week to explore recent energy market trends. For the first time ever, the market is seeing more investment in renewable energy as opposed to oil and gas. As traditional energy data and regulations change, Adapt2 is committed to anticipating the energy data needs of clients. This year’s conference was centered around ‘Going Green.’

In its thirteenth year, the two-day conference brought together  Adapt2’s entire customer base along with partners and guests to discuss current energy market trends. This year’s conference took a deeper look at how Adapt2 clients are excelling at renewable integration using the company’s technology. Clients gained insights from ISO representatives and participated in roundtable discussions with other likeminded industry leaders. Additionally, Adapt2 Solutions announced the winners of the annual Adapt2 Magic awards, honoring customers leveraging the latest technologies – AI, big data and analytics – to modernize the energy industry.

Winners Include:

Most Innovative, highlighting the energy company who has an eye for invention and implements big ideas with Adapt2 by its side. For the second year in a row, Liberty Utilities has been recognized for its talent in bringing forth collaborative and innovative ideas.

Most Accelerated, recognizing the client who actively works with Adapt2 to accelerate energy operations by participating in training sessions and providing helpful feedback for future updates. The Exelon Corporation stands out as an industry leader in its commitment to further enhance energy market solutions.

Most Efficient, spotlighting the company who embraces cloud technologies to streamline operations and leverages new technologies for end to end operations. For engaging readily with Adapt2’s platform to juggle multiple projects for faster more successful execution, Hydro Quebec has been awarded as the most Efficient client of the year.

Most Collaborative, bringing attention to the industry leader who has embraced the Adapt2 team with open arms and is always ready to share their experience with their friends. As an Adapt2 advocate, Golden Spread Electric Cooperative has been recognized for its strong partnership and willingness to support Adapt2 is varies areas.

“Each year we look forward to collaborating with our customers and listening to their feedback on our vision and roadmap to support their challenges, this year was no exception and might be one the most promising years for leveraging our technology to accelerate operations,” said Jason Kram, Executive Vice President of Adapt2.  “We are excited about the energy we received from this year’s event and are investing that energy back into our solutions via several initiatives both short and long term.”

For more information on product updates coming out of Accelerate 2021, follow Adapt2 on LinkedIn. To learn more about how Adapt2 is accelerating at supporting clients in seamless renewable integration, visit http://adapt2solutions.com. To learn more about last year’s winners, click here.

About Adapt2 Solutions:

Adapt2 Solutions (Adapt2) is the leading provider of AI enabled multi-market operations software designed to help market participants streamline all of their front and back-office operations. Founded in 2008, Adapt2 delivers market-based solutions on the latest and most current technologies providing customers with fast, intuitive and stable user experience and performance. With over 170 market implementations representing over 2500 market participants, Adapt2 is a leading solution provider in the energy industry. Adapt2 Solutions is a privately held company based in Houston, Texas. To learn more about Adapt2, please visit www.adapt2solutions.com.

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